Mermaid Sessions
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I love to come up with new ideas, and fortunately I have two amazing daughters that help me execute new ideas that I can pass on to my clients!

Now that the beaches are opening up, and I found a few areas not covered with a ton of people we can start opening up Mermaid Sessions this summer.

Introductory pricing is up this week only. 

You can purchase on the site and then I will follow up with you for tail colors, sizing and scheduling . 
We can do them June thru October. 
I am purchasing tails for age 2 on up to Adulthood! 
These can be for boys or girls - teens - pregnancy - really any portrait - any age...
We just suggest 2 and up as it is a bit tricky to work in the tail!

Pricing is Introductory Pricing and will be higher at Peak Times. You can purchase now and then we can schedule anytime June-October.

Age 2-Adultood