Ana Brandt has been an Educator in the Photography Industry for ten years. She was one of the first Photographers to teach pregnancy and newborn safety and posing. She is know a Global Educator and has taught all over the world. She continues to teach around the world and also teaches and mentors online.

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ChinaJuly 8-12ChinaSee graphic below
Ana Brandt
TAOPAN Dealer Trunk Show
July17Boston, Massachusetts View Boston Schedule
Ana Brandt
TAOPAN Dealer Trunk Show
July18Boston, Massachusetts View Boston Schedule
Ana Brandt
TAOPAN Dealer Trunk Show
July29Houston, TexasView Houston Schedule
Aoife Cleare and Ana Brandt
August5Paris FranceView Paris schedule
Ana BrandtAugust13San FranciscoSign up Newborn and or Pregnancy
Ana BrandtAugust 20Toronto CanadaSignup here
Ana BrandtAugust25Tustin CaliforniaNewborns with Nature
Ana BrandtAugust28MichiganView Michigan schedule
Ana BrandtSeptember 2Tustin CaliforniaPregnancy on Location
Ana BrandtSeptember9New OrleansView Schedule
Ana BrandtSeptember 30Vancouver CanadaClick here to learn more or signup
Ana BrandtSeptember17-19TaiwanClick here to sign up
Ana BrandtSeptember20JapanClick here to sign up
Ana BrandtOctober 21Seattle WashingtonSignup here
Master Class - MexicoOctober 24-26Mexico City - MexicoConference and workshop
Photo Guild - UKNovember
Ana BrandtSeptember20Yokohama,

Thank you Ana Brandt for not only sharing your knowledge about photography but also sharing your journey with us. I walk way from this weekend creatively inspired and no longer afraid to go after and do what I love. When attending your workshop, I picked up much more then lighting, posing, and baby handling tips I expected to learn. I returned from this weekend wiser. I gained knowledge about business, client interactions, Momma interactions and many more things I have not and would not learn from videos and webinars.  I highly recommend any of your in person workshops to anyone who is looking to take their photography business to the next level. I look forward to working with you again.

Sandi Hill Photography

Sandi Hill

I have participated in Ana’s workshop at New York and had an incredible experience.  Ana was so dedicated to us not only because she shared  all her knowledge but also because she was able to go around seeing our shots doing corrections and encouraging us to perfection. And the best part she keeps in touch through Facebook  group showing us the edited videos, giving us CC and answering questions…  Thanks to Anna and her staff I did learn a lot  and had a wonderful time!”  Flor Aversano, Photographer WWW.FLORAVERSANO.COM

Flor Aversano

I decided to do a workshop with Ana because I have watched her video and I have been inspired by her. She is an amazing teacher. I felt like she genuinely cared about what we all got out of the workshop. She was made for teaching. She is completely professional in how she conducted herself considering some things threatened to interfere with the workshop. There were no models but she made it happen! I feel so honored I got to learn from her! I really loved working with the maternity models and backlighting. If you have the opportunity to attend a workshop with Ana I highly recommend it!

Roxann Thomas Photography

Roxanne Thomas

Ana Brandt‘s Workshop completely changed my life. I had a passion for Maternity and Newborn photography, and I gravitated to Ana Brandt’s style. I took may of her online workshops and followed her on social media. I learned so much from them on how to run a business, workflow, organizing myself, marketing and many other topics were covered. Since the market is saturated with similar photographers in my area, I knew I had to set myself apart from every other photographer.

I decided to take the leap and sign up for her workshop, It was the best decision I made for my business. There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than to be surrounded by someone that loves what she does, and is passionate about me succeeding in this business. She was patient with all of her students, made sure everyone was comfortable and understood how to achieve results, she listened to us and got us involved. It is a very hands on workshop and I guarantee any student attending her workshop will leave feeling more confident and motivated to take the next step in there photography business.

Glenda Photography

Ana has been my favorite newborn/maternity photographer since I started my career. I always thought of her as a celebrity that I will never be able to talk to! But she turned out to be a real person, very approachable, and kind, and very patient. I attended her 2 workshops in NYC, and am looking forward to one more in Boston. We all know she is talented, but she is also very kind, warm and extremely patient with her students! At the workshop, she answers all questions, shows the angles and lots, lots of poses! She helps us to work with models even if we are a little nervous, or are not confident. Her workshops are amazing and eye-opening! They improved my work tremendously! Ana, thanks a million!

Polina Kuklina

My week with Ana at Texas School was amazing.  Ana was very hands on and provided clear instruction on how she creates her amazing images.  There was class participation the entire week.  My take-away from my time with Ana was a whole new approach to maternity/newborn photography, new ideas for in-home studio set up, new marketing ideas and some beautiful images taken during the class.

Mary Wallace

Before spending a week with Ana at Texas School, I was producing very ordinary images. My maternity sessions were stiff and uninspired, and I lacked confidence. My portfolio definitely did not scream “HIRE ME”! My posing was awkward, and it showed in my photos. My week at Texas School changed my whole approach to my business. I came home ready to start marketing who I am, but realized I needed to revamp my portfolio. So I set up a model shoot, and invited some local photographers to participate. We had two models, one brought her husband, and we all had a great time shooting, practicing the techniques we learned in school, and doing our first belly casts. It was such a boost to my confidence to prove to myself that I could take what I learned from Ana, and translate that successfully into my own work. My models went home feeling like they had a great experience with me, and are eager to come back for newborn photography! I am so excited to keep working toward my business goals, armed with all the knowledge Ana generously shared with us at Texas School.

Tina Caron

I been following Ana’s work for the past 4 years, in fact, I discovered newborn photography becouse of her. After working with babies for the past 14 years I took the chance and the challenge to work with newborn babies 3 years ago… Always dreamed about meeting Ana and learn directly form her but I live in Uruguay, and all the workshops were too far away form my country. This March, I finally had the chance to attend a workshop, I had to travel to Miami to do it, but it was so worth it! My work jumped into a whole new style and my clients are loving it. After 3 years of experience,once I get there, I seems to me that I was just starting again, her experience and magic are now in my work and my heart.

Zeida Jure

From the moment we walked in to the moment we left, I felt Ana’s very purposeful and genuine desire to teach and share with us the art of photographing both newborn and the maternity form.   I learned both hands on baby wrapping techniques as well as new styles and ways to photograph a pregnant mommy with her family (husband and 4 year old child). Sometimes you attend workshops and the instructors come across as if they are keeping you at arms length, and only share 50% of what they know.  But that was not the case with Ana.  She came across genuine, down to earth and completely approachable.   I would attend any of her workshops… any chance I could get.

MaddyLens Photography, Inc.

The Central Park Shoot Out with Ana was an awesome experience. It was so much more than I thought it would be. Ana took the time to really demonstrate posing and it was such a small group that it felt like one on one at times. I assumed it would be more shadowing but I really learned a lot about directing, posing and hand placement. Ana is so chill and down to earth. I felt she really cared about teaching us technique and was a lot of fun to work with!!!

Kristi Caggiano

If you would like to participate in any of Ana’s workshops as a model, please fill out our international model call form.

There is no charge to participate as a model in Ana’s workshops. In exchange for your time, you are given edited images.

Ana regularly posts to her youtube channel, and quite often provides LIVE Q&A sessions Subscribe today at

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