Mothers Day

Every year I ask for one thing on Mothers Day…photos with the kids and personal art from them. It’s the one day of year they have to do something without complaining. I tell them the greatest gift of being a Mom is them. Which means artwork and photos from them is what makes me truly happy. For every Mom it is different. Maybe a spa day – or jewelry – or just a nap!! As the years go, and the little people turn into bigger people – one thing I know for sure is, that being a Mom is the hardest most rewarding job on earth!

Each year we drive somewhere new and do a personal photo session with the kids. I make sure to take photos of them, photos with me and my husband and we just spend an hour capturing who they are. As they get older, they start taking photos of each other and it’s fun to watch life from their view. My bonus gift is my photo necklace. From that session I buy a necklace and wear it every single day. I am so excited to get my necklace this year, and see how these littles have become BIGS. We have been all over the world as a Family. Like all families, we have good days and bad days – but we are still together – and that is all I could ask for.

This Mothers Day, I hope you get what you truly need. Whether it’s a nap or a cooked meal, or if you are lucky – a SPA Day.

Each year I do a Mothers Day Gift Certificate special. I will not be offering this special again later this year. Usually we only run it for 48 hours, however; this year we are launching it today and it will be available thru end of day Friday to purchase.

You can purchase any amount, for yourself or someone else, and we will add 20%. Super easy. If it is a gift let us know so we can wrap it. You can use it on a photo session, jewelry, an ordering appointment or save it for another day. BUT you only have this week to purchase it. There is no expiration date. Once you purchase, you choose when to redeem.

Gift Certificate Options


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